Get pregnant they said, you’ll glow, they said. The science behind the pregnancy glow.

Get your glow on and keep it there

Pregnancy, a life-changing experience that consumes your being (literally) right from the day you see that fabulous telltale line on the pregnancy test stick. Heart, mind, and soul, expecting a bundle is bliss, isn’t it?

While we agree that morning sickness, emotional ups and downs to the extreme, and packing on the pounds are not always easy things to deal with when a baby is due, there are beautiful benefits to growing a baby bump.

One of the remarkable advantages of expecting a baby is the “pregnancy glow.” It’s the soft, flushed look that gives a mum-to-be their glowing presence. Are you wondering when your glow will make an appearance?

Are you anxious for those beautiful biochemicals – in everyday language, good old hormones – to take dips and dives, creating havoc but also giving you smooth and blushing skin? Let’s delve into the topic and learn what causes the radiance, and when you can expect it to happen to you.

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Oh, She Glows

What causes the skin to change?

What expectant mum doesn’t want to have an air of happiness and good health following them everywhere they go? The pregnancy journey is yours and yours alone, but to share in the joy is a bonus – and you can do just that through your skin! Exactly what are the skin changes that can take place during pregnancy? Well, let’s start in all honesty. Some mums will experience a difference in the colour of their skin, brought on by the hormone havoc we mentioned earlier. Your body is going just a little bit crazy with the production of oxytocin, oestrogen and the like.

We mention these two hormones in particular because they are often called the sex hormones and yes, an abundance of them in pregnancy can be a good thing for the glow you seek. The desire to get between the sheets increases when oxytocin and oestrogen ramp up production.

And in view of that, more sex means flushed skin from the extra flow of blood caused by exertion. It’s a pretty simple and pleasurable way to get the pregnancy glow you want. A reality check is needed here, though. Some soon-to-be mums have reddening of the skin called rosacea, triggered by changes in the weather and even the spicy food cravings. Indeed, skin changes during pregnancy can be less than desirable (sorry, it’s true). Your face may be greasy and shiny due to more oil production. And the acne you thought you left behind in secondary school can once again, make an appearance. Don’t feel left out, though. If the pregnancy glow evades you for some, or even all, of your nine-month journey, all is not lost. You are magnificent in your gestational state, nonetheless!

Get Your Glow On

Is the pregnancy glow a myth?

For some, sadly yes, the glow-on may seem to be a myth because it just doesn’t happen. For others, this period of radiance can be expected in the second trimester, somewhere between the morning sickness stage and becoming a waddling penguin. But really, is the glow the most important aspect of growing a baby bump? Don’t forget the fun of buying those cute maternity clothes. And how about the ability to combine a slice of pizza and a pot of pickles for breakfast?

You may feel that this elusive flush, sometimes called “the bloom,” is the be-all and end-all of a happy pregnancy. That, we can definitely say, is indeed a myth. To be certain, there is no guarantee that you will be blessed with the glowy looks of a fair maiden.
Surefire steps to take to ensure that your pregnancy is a flourishing one are listed below. What’s more, the initiation of these steps can quite possibly bring about the blushing appearance of the pregnancy glow. The flushed and dewy look of a mum-to-be. Hence, disputing any idea that the pregnancy glow is a myth.

So, is it a Boy or a Girl?

Do my pregnancy glow and baby gender correlate?

While not backed up scientifically by any means, it’s rather fun to play around with what your pregnancy glow (or lack of it) can mean. We’re talking gender here. Let’s get the scoop on the blue and pink of it all.

For a fact, skin changes during pregnancy really don’t have a bearing on the gender of your baby. Despite this, grandparents-to-be, friends, and even strangers on the street love to guess whether you’ll be buying blue spinning tops or pink skipping ropes.

It’s been said that a mum-to-be whose skin is anything but glowing is having a girl. Flushed and fantastic? A boy is on the way. Make no mistake, we know these are old wives’ tales, but we’re giving the dish anyway.

“Girls steal your beauty,” they say. So, if the secondary school acne has reared its ugly head again, take heart. A sweet baby in pink is yours. If the vertical line running down your belly, scientifically called linea nigra, is below the belt, a girl will appear after nine months. Above the belly button? It’s a boy!

Clear skin during pregnancy doesn’t guarantee that you should paint the nursery your favourite shade of royal blue, though. You may just be surprised!

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The Pregnancy Glow Take-Away

We hope that we’ve cleared the air and helped you remember that glowing or not, you are one awesome woman. You are pregnant. Hormones are raging. You can no longer see your feet. You may have the skin of a goddess, and you may not.
Either way, your bulging belly is working on a miracle.

Tell us, do you have the glow? Do you think you are having a boy or a girl?

pregnancy glow tips

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