Pregnancy cravings during the first trimester: 5 tips to curb your cravings.

Celebrate your bundle-of-joy-to-be with a nosh-out session. It’s a fact: pregnancy cravings during the first trimester will shape your nine-month journey.

Stock up on gherkins and crisps now.

You’re pregnant. And you have nine glorious months to plan for this significant change in your life. This remarkable transformation when one becomes two! The incredible metamorphosis of your body is nothing short of miraculous. As you work your way to the finish line though, you will encounter a few bumps in the road. One of the absolutely unavoidable obstacles you will face is the urge to eat. A lot! As a matter of fact, in the first few weeks of gestation, you will likely find that your eating habits change drastically. Pregnancy cravings in the first trimester can be pretty intense, and you may find yourself filling the grocery cart in a whole new way. Buy your supply of mustard, chorizo, and extra-salty crisps now to satisfy those “gotta-have” moments at any time of day or night. We mean it, not all of the cravings will be for healthy foods. Junk food may become your best friend. And we get that one hundred per cent. In order to put you on the right track for dealing with those hankerings for honey, we are going to break down the first-trimester craving topic. Pining for pickles? You are not alone!

Pregnancy cravings during the first trimester:

Curb Your Cravings

When do you start getting pregnancy cravings?

A pregnant woman should never feel guilty for wanting to eat. Let’s get that straight right from the get-go. That’s right. Eat when the mood strikes – you’re building a baby after all! It’s a known fact that pregnancy cravings in the first trimester typically show up a few weeks in. The desire to chow down on sugar, salt, and spices peaks in the middle trimester and often wanes in the third. Why do these urgent desires for food appear so early in the game? Blame those late-night trips to the kitchen on your wacky pregnancy hormones. Oestrogen, for example, is produced at the fastest rate of a woman’s lifetime during pregnancy. In view of that, the rate of production is higher than throughout your entire lifetime. That’s a simple explanation for those 7 a.m. ice cream cravings!

Studies show that mums-to-be crave some pretty unusual flavour combinations and foods:

The most common pregnancy cravings typically seen are fast foods, sweet items, starchy food, and lots of fruit. What are the best fruits for pregnancy? Apricots, oranges, avocados, berries, bananas, and apples are great snacks. But, eat in moderation and remember the stars of the show are vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale.

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Is it a boy or a girl?

Does what you crave point to gender?

Whilst you are coping with the cravings and reading up on how best to deal with them, you may be wondering, is there any connection between pregnancy cravings and the gender of my baby?

There are no definitive studies or answers. When mums compare their experiences with the ever-growing baby bump, the trend seems to be sweets, dairy, and fruit point to the high possibility of a girl. Salty snacks like pretzels, pizza and crisps may indicate that you’ll be buying blue outfits.

The fact is, these statements are not scientific at all but are a fun way to try and predict your little one’s gender. If you are planning a gender reveal party, can you really count on your cravings as part of the planning?

Along with the need to nosh, of course, comes morning sickness which may throw a wrench into a smooth sailing prenatal period. A lack of energy and a feeling that you may lose your breakfast at any moment, often accompany pregnancy cravings in the first trimester. How to deal? Rest as much as you can and find a food that eases the queasiness. Nibble on salty crackers and eat several small meals to put nausea in its place.

Pregnancy is a state of mind as well as a physical one

How can you curb pregnancy cravings during the first trimester?

We know that really, your main objective here is to put the baby first. Never forget that a healthy diet is a way to a healthy pregnancy. Drop the cookie habit. Drink glasses and glasses of water. Eat more of the best fruits, vegetables, and proteins for pregnancy success to build a healthy baby and keep yourself in top shape for the months ahead. Not only that, energy stores for taking care of a newborn must be stocked up as well.

1. Curb the sweet and salty desires

We recommend filling your cupboards with healthy snacks like hummus, granola, dried fruit and popcorn. In other words, don’t purchase junk food when you are at the shops because it only puts temptation at your fingertips in the weakest moments.

2. Get plenty of exercise

Did you know that during the nine months of carrying a baby, your heart pumps more blood to the tune of up to 50%? What’s more, your resting heart rate increases from an average of 70 beats per minute to between 80 and 90 beats per minute. That being the case, exercise not only keeps you busy and takes your mind off eating constantly, it also strengthens your heart when it needs it most.

3. Think in small quantities

If you absolutely have to give in to the salty crisps, allow yourself a tiny portion as opposed to noshing the whole bag. Moderation is key, they say, and when you are growing a baby bump, this is even more important. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can make it hard for you to move from place to place without waddling more than you have to. Problems from putting on too many pounds can linger after the baby is born, so keep that in mind as you eat.

4. Eat breakfast

Start the day off right with a good breakfast, including protein, dairy, and whole grains. Nourishing your body with healthy foods means that your baby is getting the required nutrition for healthy growth. When a craving hits, you can enjoy a taste without guilt because you have provided your little one with a nutrient-filled boost to start the day.

5. See the doctor

Do you have unusual cravings, like ice, dirt, or flour? It may be pica, an urge to eat non-food items. This could point to a deficiency in your diet. You may be anaemic or missing another key component to your health. In this case, resist the craving and see your doctor right away.

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So, if you have pregnancy cravings in the first trimester, roll with it – even embrace it. Give in to what your body is asking for at this exciting time. Keep it healthy most of the time, and enjoy all of the time. Use our tips to curb the cravings and tame your appetite if weight gain is spiralling out of control, or your diet is not nourishing your baby enough.

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