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Protea Wellness ltd.

International House

12 Constance Street


E16 2DQ

© 2019 by Protea Wellness

Our story

We are very excited that you are visiting!

We set up protea (pronounced pro-T-ya) wellness in 2017. We live in the UK and love travelling and, especially love, South Africa (it has captured our hearts). And that's where protea wellness was born!


The protea flower is South Africa's national flower and represents change and hope. We think that's beautiful. It also fits perfectly with our ethos: "change is important" and "expect the best". Change your life for the better, live it to the full and let our supplements aid your health and wellbeing during this exciting journey!  

So why not start that journey now, by enjoying exploring our site.

nature's nutrition. innovated.

Oh hey


Sunning it up in South Africa.

Tom and Floor