The Natural Way: Over the counter remedies for Peri-Menopause and Menopause.

I dug in my heels, ready for the worst, at the sound of the word menopause.

Same for you?

Having heard horrifying Chinese whispers from my older mates in good ol’ chinwags about their menopause trials and tribulations, my worries over hot flushes and night sweats became bloody fierce.

– I was ready: ice packs in the freezer, a fan bedside, and a cool cloth in a bucket of water placed squarely on the bed table (next to the book I’d read, of course, during menopause insomnia attacks).
– Mental images of tearful mood swings clawing at me like fierce waves at high tide sent shivers down my spine.
– I felt gutted.
– How in heavens would I cope?

Fortunately, these awful symptoms stayed almost completely at bay. And that’s not rubbish!

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To be honest, a few flushes of feeling like a beer-bellied bloke on a deckchair in Malagas mid-day heat was all I got. They came upon me literally out of nowhere. I attributed them to heat from the stove while cooking or to the warm day if I was out gallivanting. But nothing unseemly happened like I had been told would come my way.

Now peering over my shoulder looking back, I’m comfortable on the other side of perimenopause and menopause. Phew! I’ve had a moment or two to reflect. I guess I did have natural remedies for menopause that helped me make it through my “midlife crisis” – virtually unscathed. Queer thing is – I didn’t think of them in that way. It was really just my lifestyle carried on for years.

Ta-dah! Here are my natural menopause secrets (if you want to call them that)…revealed.

– Positive attitude – Menopause is not a spanner in the works.
– Healthy lifestyle – No need to splash out.
– Social network – As Shakespeare eloquently wrote: “I am wealthy in my friends.”

I’ll dip into each.

Natural Menopause: Mind over Matter

In my 30s and 40s, I was a busy work-at-home, home educator-mum to two energetic lads and one lovely lass – also known as rascals full of beans!

You can imagine it: Sweet baby nursing at my breast while I typed frantically away on a keyboard. Cheeky toddlers playing underfoot while I prepared porridge. Colours, paints, scissors and paper strewn all over our gaff. It was a hectic time, that flew by quicker than I could say “I’m cream knackered!” But I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. What kept me sane were daily reflection times. The pear-shaped moment before my child screamed during a tantrum or threw a wooden block at her brother, I did one of two things. If I could, I pulled out my appreciation diary. I’d jot down the phrase “Today, I’m bloody thankful for…” and complete the sentence. It wasn’t fancy, but it kept me calm and focussed. Examples of entries: I’m bloody thankful for the cream in my tea. I’m bloody thankful for the sun on my back.

Simple. Grateful.

Alternatively, I’d read a motivational passage or listen to one. Just a few minutes is all I needed to do a recharge. My favourite butchers during this time in my life was The Wisdom of Menopause by Dr. Christiane Northrup. Dr Northrup doesn’t waffle. Nor does she whinge. She put into words what I had been feeling about menopause all along. Menopause is not something to be scared of or to dread. No reason to feel gobsmacked. And although menopause doesn’t have a definite starting nor ending point, menopause doesn’t necessarily make you feel gutted because it’s not long.

Dr Northrup pulls a real binder: Menopause clarifies goals and puts a focus on your life’s meaning like nothing else in life can. Translation: Menopause is a lot of mind over matter. This is not poppycock at all! Do you know that your mindset directly affects your physical health? Here’s Dr. Alia Crum confirming it’s true.

Healthy Lifestyle: A Natural Remedy for Perimenopause

I believe you can physically prepare your body to cope brilliantly during menopause. So much so that you won’t even realise you’re in it. Bob’s your uncle on this one.

– Organic diet
– Daily exercise
– Plenty of sound sleep

Natural Remedies

A Natural Remedy for perimenopause: An Organic Diet

Ever since I was first pregnant, avoiding pesticides for my baby’s sake was incredibly important. Joining a local farm group that grew natural vegetables and raised grass-fed meat and dairy. These delicious foods didn’t cost a bomb, either, bringing home baskets of chocka every week. Prepared scrumptious meals – no processed food or caffeinated drinks were in my home – ever.

My drink of choice to imbibe was home-distilled, pure water. Seriously. Loads of leafy greens like kale and collards in my culinary creations were the norm. Naturally rich in calcium and vitamin K, they support bone health. They became my go-to foods for menopause. I supplemented nature’s nourishment with extra calcium and magnesium (which also promotes relaxation and sound sleep) as natural menopause treatments that I bought over the counter. And I never missed taking a healthy dose of vitamin D3 every day as an over-the-counter menopause treatment. For my noggin, I supported optimal cognitive functioning by supplementing with protective omega-3s daily. Hope I’ve convinced you to go quids in for healthy perimenopause and menopause. You’ll never be slumped again.

Physical fitness

Being fit is another key to sailing through a calm transition. I highly recommend daily exercise as a natural antidepressant for menopause. Bicycling, jogging and walking lifted my mood immensely. Research shows that regular, moderate exercise has the same effect as or better than antidepressants. So, give it a go!

Sound Sleep for Menopausal Relief

Being well-rested allowed me to greet each day straight on. I was much more productive when I’ve had 8-9 hours of sleep a night.
Here Arianna Huffington testifies to making sleep a priority. Sleep is an immune system booster. Getting enough rest every night helps me ward off colds and flu. I never catch the lurgy! Sleep is also one of my favourite natural remedies to avoid menopause mood swings. Prevents getting miffed at anyone.

Sweet dreams!

Social Networking to Celebrate Peri-menopause and Menopause Naturally

Where would I be without my mates? Terribly gloomy. In the doldrums. Several times a week I swim with a group of much older women in their 60s through their 90s. I am chuffed to the max. Nothing bog-standard about them. During our chinwags, these geezers inspire me to be the best version of myself. They reconfirm my conviction that post-menopausal life can be bloody lovely indeed.

Natural Remedies for perimenopause Highlights


Natural Remedies

It’s not sod’s law that life becomes a shambles when you hit menopause. In many ways, life’s just getting underway. There’s nothing long about using natural remedies for perimenopause and menopause relief. In fact, it’s terribly easy to get on it like a car bonnet. Go all quids in by staying positive, being fit, and surrounding yourself with an empathetic network of mates.

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