Our Product Process

We love awesome ingredients.

Before manufacturing begins, the purest form of the ingredients necessary for our products is collected. Ingredients are carefully weighed and then blended together to ensure we make it just right. Once blended and mixed the powder is sieved before we start the process of bundling the lovely ingredients into a vegetable capsule.

Capsule Polishing.

Once the ingredients are in their capsule, we run the capsules through our polishing machine. This removes powder stuck to the outside of the capsule shell meaning that when you remove a capsule from its container you won’t get powder on your skin or clothes.

Highly Sensitive Metal Detector.

It doesn’t matter how awesome our ingredients are, you can never be 100% sure how clean the raw ingredients are when you receive them from the supplier. Therefore as a precautionary measure, a highly sensitive metal detector is built into the polishing machine. This allows us to screen for any of those pesky residual metals, so we can guarantee the integrity of our products.

Protea Flower