Discover Our Difference

Not all supplements are made equal.

Have you noticed that we don’t do tablets?
It is cheaper and quicker to make tablets than encapsulated supplements.
But that’s where the benefits stop.

There is a fundamental issue with tablets, they have to be stuck together, preserved and then they have to taste good as well. Oh…. and they have to breakdown in the body at the correct speed to have the right effect.

The end result is a list of too many ingredients that are non-active (of no use to your health) which quite frankly, is just a bit silly.

The products that we provide use pure ingredients, encapsulated by experts in a vegan-friendly capsule.

Therefore, our capsules will never contain sweeteners, caking-agents or other unhelpful additives. We use the active ingredients only.

Occasionally, if that active ingredient doesn’t quite fill up the capsule (after all we have to comply with dosage regulations) we will add a little natural rice flour or alfalfa – a neutral gluten-free filler that won’t affect the active ingredients.

The result – a beneficial, efficient supplement which will do wonders for your body. Just what your body wants.